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Learn how to surf in the safe, controlled environment!

Ama’s Surf School Weligama Sri Lanka was originally founded to help all those surfers who felt they had plateaued or were struggling to progress. The enthusiast who loves being in the ocean but can’t work out how to take their surfing to the next level.  While for some riding broken waves in the white water suits them, for most this is just the start of a longer surfing journey fuelled by the dream of gliding along the open face of waves trimming and turning in harmony with the ocean.

Surf school Weligama

For total beginners, soft surf boards are used at first, then later moving onto fibreglass boards.

Whether you take a lesson or enroll in one of our Surf courses, you will learn all the core skills needed to begin safe, successful surfing:

  • Surf safety
  • Jump up techniques
  • Footwork and stance
  • Core balance techniques
  • Turning the board
  • Paddling out and efficient paddling
  • Paddling technique
  • Catching and riding unbroken waves

Also, all our beginner surfing courses contain excellent background information that will really expand your surfing knowledge.

Surf school Weligama