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Sri Lanka, Weligama +94771599973


Longboard surf lesson

Strong surf technique and knowledge comes from mastering how to ride different boards and different waves.

We believe that if you surf a longboard well, those skills will translate across the boards that you ride, taking your surfing to the next level.

What do we typically cover on a longboard course?

  • Timing your takeoff
  • Finding the pocket of the wave
  • How to cut-back with confidence
  • Moving up and back/walking the board and cross-stepping with confidence
  • Turning and turn variants including drop-knee and rail-grab turns
  • Nose-riding
  • Board design and understanding the different type of longboards available

We believe that good surfers are accomplished in riding all kinds of boards. Weligama is an excellent longboard wave and is home to a strong community of longboarders to learn from and be inspired by.

Longboard surfing Srilanka